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Kourtney LevensYour reading with Kourtney Levens is a wonderful way for you to ask your guardians, guides and loved ones in heaven all the questions you’ve been wondering! Your reading will begin with a prayer and delivering of any immediate messages waiting for you. Then Kourtney will open the floor to allow you to ask any pressing questions about your life, health, finances, romance and more! No question is off limits because your angels want you to live a joy-filled life and with divine guidance, you can make any adjustments to your current path.

If you’re curious about whether or not to take the new job, move into this neighborhood or go ahead and plan the surgery, here is your perfect platform. Or if you’re wondering how to mend a relationship or best help your children, this is a great opportunity to receive divine guidance! 


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“I’m feeling hopeful for the first time in a long time.” 
– M.B. in New York

“I had a session with Kourtney a couple of months ago, and it was great! The messages she had for me were wonderful…of owning a peaceful mind is priceless! Having answers to my questions of life was a huge weight lifted off my chest.Knowing will set you free. Thanks Kourtney!” 
– John in Nashville

What Messages Do Your Angels Have Waiting for You?


Kourtney helped me transform my pain into a promise all the way back in 2009. Her messages from angels turned out to be EXACTLY how my life unfolded and she showed me how to heal my heart.
– Anonymous

We brought our personal issues, challenges and needs to Kourtney!

“I saw Jesus. He extended his hand and took mine in his. I felt that He is always with me.”
– Belinda in Regina

“I discovered Kourtney during one of the most difficult times in my life. Her energy is pure love and light. She even showed me how to keep my energy high, heal the pain and revealed my new life path…right down to meeting my soul mate!
– Darius Barazandeh, Host and Founder, You Wealth Revolution.


Kourtney opened a Channel for you to Communicate with Your Angels

angel 2

“This was so uplifting and exactly what I needed today. Thank you, with much love!” *
– Barbara in Chiiliwack

“Thank you both so much for today – it has been amazing & wonderful! Truly grateful to have been ‘introduced’ to Kourtney – awesome! Many Thanks & Blessings to you both!”
– Claire in Portland

Here’s what people have been saying about Kourtney’s wisdom:

“Thank you . . . I was walking with my Angel in my new dream home. She reassured how loved and blessed I AM . . . I especially loved my ‘wing’ hug. I shed tears when we parted. Thank you!”

– Mary Ann in Bethlehem

“I was shown the Goddess Athena! She basically said I’m doing it right and just keep trusting she’ll give me wisdom. Amazing!”
– Judy in Grand Junction

“THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH KOURTNEY + DARIUS! I totally appreciate the peace of mind and never correlated digging in the crawlspace was bringing up spirits. I am saging now! I love you and hope you have a beautiful day!!”
– Tanja in Portland

“It gave me a lot of relief and also validated what I knew! She also gave me some insights and that was valuable. I felt very comfortable and I am grateful to Kourtney!” *
– Shilpa




angel 3

As a mother, I am very aware of children’s sensitive nature to spirits and can guide parents and relatives in dealing with those situations, too. If you or someone you know might benefit from talking to their angels and guides, or need closure from the death of a loved one,I make every effort to answer your questions completely and help you to feel comfortable!

I have experienced the loss of someone very close to me, I understand the pain and handle those situations with the kindest of kid gloves and gentleness!

Kourtney is amazing. I would highly recommend her … She is the real deal. She did a reading on me in January; at the time of the reading I was having an intense migraine. She wasn’t even surprised by that as my headache was spilling over to her. She asked my angels/guides about it and was shown that my top chakra was closed off. My energy had no-where to go so it was being trapped in my head causing these intense migraines.

She did a clearing on me where in my angels/guides wrapped my head in a dark purple cloth then my angels wrapped me in a white cloth of love and light. Since the reading I have done this quite a few times when I have felt a migraine coming on and it has helped me by eliminating (the migraine) entirely or lessening it significantly. I can’t thank Kourtney enough for that.”
– Cherie Barazandeh (Darius’ wife)


Schedule your reading with Kourtney Levens, Angel Therapist®, and take the first exciting steps toward communication with your heavenly assistants!  You may be feeling a little nervous or anxious, but I assure you, my readings are divinely guided and information is relayed directly from your angels or guides for your highest and best good!

  • I encourage clients to have prioritized questions to ask your angels and guides during the reading, or If there is a friend or family member on the other side you’d like to connect with, we can reach out to them, although there are no guarantees of who comes through.  
  • Due to the sensitivity and personal nature of the readings, Kourtney will not be recording the phone sessions. 
  • You are encouraged to record the call on your end or take notes with your lucky pen! 
  • You will receive instructions on how to schedule the follow up in a separate email.
  • This is an exciting time!  And I understand the myriad of emotions you may be going through until your actual reading.  Rest assured, I value and appreciate the trust you’ve placed in me, so every session is treated with the utmost sensitivity and integrity. If you have any questions please email

Angel blessings,


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