My Soul Family

My Soul Family

Wait, did you have a question? Was there something “woo woo” you wanted to know more about? Or were you just wanting to do some people watching (or reading!) in a like-minded environment? YOU CAN!

I’ve heard you and I’m bringing a solution … I’m setting up a closed, private group on Facebook where all of you, my Soul Family, can connect with others who are evolving in their spirituality and want to ask questions, share ideas or just feel like you have a group of people who understand you.

This is the perfect platform to dive deeper into some of the questions you may have been too intimidated to ask. Maybe you have questions like:

How do I know if I’m getting messages from spirit?

Why do I keep seeing 11:11 on the clock?

If I had a dream about death, does it mean someone is dying?

Am I really going to hell for believing in angels?

Or maybe you have trouble sleeping and want to know if there’s meditation someone recommends!

You’ll have a supportive circle of spiritually open-minded friends to share your questions, thoughts, and feelings with, all in a judgment-free zone!

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Yes, I will be active in the group answering questions, posting thought-provoking ideas and even channeling messages from the angels specifically for the Soul Family group for just $20/month!

But wait, there’s more! (Sorry, couldn’t resist!) In addition to the group page, I’ll be sending out my personal healing practices as well as other modalities, intuition techniques that really take you to the next level, and even how-to videos for releasing money blocks or past trauma.

Let’s not forget the most important part! I’ll be doing mini readings for my Soul Family!

That’s right, I will be doing LIVE readings for YOU!


Members can submit unlimited questions for me to choose and receive angelic guidance immediately! Have a follow-up question to a previous reading? No problem. Click on the link to “Ask the Angels” and I will tune in and stream a live video to the group which will be recorded and available to access anytime.

As with all of my readings, there aren’t any questions that are off-limits. If I’m not getting an answer, I’ll tell you so. If you submit a question but rather it be answered privately, I can do that too!


If you choose to join the Soul Love Family for $20/month, you will receive:

– Access to private FB Group
– 90-minute monthly group call/Q&A with Kourtney
– Weekly video medications/teachings from Kourtney in FB Group
– Access to Private member’s only page for all program materials
– Access to Kourtney via FB Group for questions, mini readings

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