About Angel Readings and Mediumship Sessions

Angel Readings and Mediumship Sessions 


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A little about the way I do readings …

All of my sessions begin with a prayer!  

This sets the intention of receiving messages only from YOUR angels, guides, masters and loved ones in heaven!  After the prayer, I relay their  messages and open the floor to you for questions.

Your Angels lovingly wait to assist you!  They don’t judge or criticize, they only want you to be happy and can help open the doors or show you the way!


 They eagerly provide guidance in all areas of your life for your highest potential and best interest.  God sees you and your life as perfect, but when you don’t, he sends the Angels, “Messengers of God”, to comfort and guide with loving messages!  If you’re stuck at a crossroad in life or just need to know you’re on the right path, your angels are here to help.  

At times, the angels may bring forth deceased friends or relatives if the client wishes.  Communication with the departed may bring comfort and closure to those in the grieving process.  



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I value the trust each client places in me during every reading I conduct, so whatever we discuss remains completely confidential!   I allow you to take notes or record our session and if you’d like to bring a trusted friend or family member, they may listen in.  I feel like this is YOUR reading and I want to spend the time we have discussing whatever you wish to ask the angels.

Questions or Concerns?  Contact us at Support@AllInSpirit.net.

  Angel Meditations by Kourtney Levens   “I have helped a number of people learn to ask and receive help from their angels.   No job is too big or too small for your angels, after all, they only want you to be happy and live a life filled with love!”

Hints for a successful reading:

  • Be open!  Allow whomever to “come through”.  The reader can’t determine which loved one on the other side will step forward, so be open to whomever wishes to speak.
  • If you only wish to hear from the angels, say so!  If you prefer to only hear from angels instead of deceased family, let the reader know.  If you don’t care to hear any future prediction, let the reader know that as well.
  • Are you a skeptic?  So many clients will try to “stump the psychic” and make them prove they’re real!  This is a waste of time and money.  Instead, research their credentials or ask for referrals and read testimonials.
  • Have a list of questions prioritized in the order you wish to ask.
  • Bring your lucky pen and paper to take notes or even a recorder!
  • Steer clear of anyone who says you’ve been “cursed” and they can remove it for you.

Special Notice: Please call or email before hand if you are going to be late. Clients more than 10 minutes late for the appointment will forfeit their appointment. Without proper communication, clients who are more than 10 minutes late will be considered a cancellation without 24 hours notice and payment will still be charged. (If a client fails to make their appointment, they may reschedule for a non-refundable fee.)


On our previous reading this is what YOU told me…I would drive about 2 hours to find a car, no more than $23,000, I would get a good deal,  told me an Accord would be a good ‘fit’ for me, recommended I get a car no more than 2 years old, and you envisioned me in a dark sedan with my soulmate.

Well guess what?  All of the above is correct!  When I first saw this Honda Accord from the dealer website, I was drawn to this particular car.  This dealership does business differently compared to the ones in this area.  The sticker price was just a little over book value. Well the timing was perfect, because they had a Fall Special discounting their cars an additional $500.  Plus they had a spin the wheel game (think of it as a mini wheel of fortune) if you buy a vehicle.  I got a “Used” 2016 Honda Accord, charcoal color.  With a little negotiating, including the sales tax I got the car just under $23,000.  I won $100 cash playing spin the wheel and I got a very low, FANTASTIC financing rate.  Looks like my guides & angels were assisting me with the car purchase!  ~Bobby 


Please pass on my gratitude to Kourtney, I found her reading to be so very helpful and the messages from the Archangels were so uplifting.
It was also so very accurate regarding my body not absorbing nutrients at the moment….A recent visit to a Nutritionist had diagnosed that exact same condition. ~Jane
I want to thank you for the beautiful insights and share with you an exciting prediction of yours that came through. In our reading you said that I would become pregnant at the end of the summer of 2015) and it would be a bit of a surprise. Yes, it happened at the end of July and it was a surprise! We are expecting our first baby in April and I am so excited. Thank you for sharing your gifts.  All the love, -Sarah Wayne

 So grateful, so very grateful for your gentle guidance and listening ear today in the realm of the angels healing love. And helping me for better understanding with the lady…who is so angered. She scares me with her roughness.

I love golden labs/retrievers. I keep looking at the sign that I drive by that says “Seeing Blind Eye dog’s” and wanting to stop by …. now I will. Maybe they have a retired one…I am okay with that and maybe in the meantime could even volunteer there.

Thank you for sending Barbara’s email/contact so that I can call her. Blessings! ~Val J.

Like the angels ecouraged in the reading …
I emailed contractor the technical report and Kourtney, something he missed completely (and same for me and my partner) was found and saved us  from a possible catastrophe in the future!  The angels have cleared the obstructions, and I am so grateful.  -Ann L
Kourtney’s reading told me to slowly move out of my current job and into my business which is what happened exactly! She said I would be successful and it certainly has been very successful! I knew Kourtney was the “real deal” when I SAW and met her at a ghost tour we took several years ago. I had never seen (met with) a medium/psychic before that. She helped me and my mother through the death of my step-father. It truly was a blessing when my mother had a reading with Kourtney as it really did help her with his death. I also love Kourtney’s sweet disposition and spirit that makes you feel comfortable and at home.-Kathi C 
I absolutely love the half-hour sessions in the past that I have had with Kourtney.  Now she offers a 15 minute one.  It was great, short, concisive, and so intuitively spot on. A great option for quick amazing guidance.  Thank You so very much!  Please continue these, I loved it!!~JEANETTE WARNER
Your lovely reading made me feel more positive and confident about applying for work, which I have done and waiting for a reply. I’m happy to have received the information about how to communicate with the nature spirits.~Nisha Keshav