Hurricane Harvey Relief

Help Hurricane Harvey victims directly.


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As many of you know, my family lives right in the path of Harvey and has suffered our own devastating losses over the last couple of weeks. We are just one story among thousands, and I so appreciate the caring words and support you all have sent to me.

As promised, I’ve set up a way you can donate directly to my neighbors and community members to help them in the trying time.

Simply click the PayPal button below to make a donation.

All funds received will be disbursed directly to the victims of Hurricane Harvey right here in our community through $100 Visa cards.

We’ve seen an outpouring of support from the country and it’s so overwhelming to know that we’re loved by so many!

Thank you so much for caring about me, my family and those in the surrounding area.

In this family, no one fights alone!
In this family, no one fights alone!

Your donations, prayers and words of kindness are treasured more than you know.

Thank you!



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